Saturday, March 1, 2008


I thought vaccinations were suppose to keep you from getting sick, not make you sick. Apparently I am the exception to the rule (but let's face it, I usually am).

I am going to Haiti in the middle of March, and going to such a place requires vaccinations. Now, I have already had the Hep A vaccination, got that when I went to El Sal the first time. I knew that there would be other shots that I needed. So, I did what I have avoided for 10 months....I called Kaiser.

I have heard horror stories about Kaiser, and have avoided going to the Dr for 10 months (minus one visit to my old Dr, hey, I knew I could get the medicine I needed without going through all the shenanigans of a seeing a new Dr). But, the one good thing about Kaiser is immunizations are free. So I called....

I found out that I needed a typhoid fever shot and that I needed to renew my tetanus shot. So I set up an appointment for this past Thursday. When I was 10 or so, I had a tetanus shot, and my body was pissed at me for 4 days (103 fever, vomiting, was not pretty). Well, let's just say my body is trying to take revenge like it did before. Both arms have been killing me, and I have had a fever since Thursday. Luckily, Tylenol helps me to break the fever, but it eventually comes back.

I am glad that it is only a fever that I am dealing with. But even at that, when you have a fever, your body shuts down. I have had a horrible headache on and off, and have been extremely tired. I am off to go to bed...since I have been sleeping about 11 hours the past couple nights, and I have to get up for work in the morning, I'm looking forward to getting 8 1/2 hours of sleep and am already planning a nap...

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B's Nate said...

Sucks to be sick from the stuff that is suppose to keep you from getting sick. Too bad...when going to Russia you don't need any vaccines!! :)

I've been catching up on your blog...very fun.