Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating (right) Too weak....I mean 2 weeks

From my dad.....

Hi. My name is……………. not too sure anymore. Hershey, Baby Ruth, Junior Mints, all are familiar but somehow don't seem quite right.

I am a carboholic.

It's been 1 and 2 days since my last carb (do 24 sweet potato fries and 30, maybe 92 potato chips really count). I have given up on getting that one year button and have set my sights on the 32 count box of Skinny Cow. My body now has sugar GPS. I can sniff out a Baskin Robbins or Coldstones blindfolded.

Tonight is weigh-in and it is weighing heavily on my mind and of course, still on the rest of my body. I fear that the desired outcome of two weaks (sic) of changed eating habits and barbaric exercise (walking ) will not be realized. The goal is to lose at least as many pounds as the week before so as not to have to endure a longer death march each night. If only Sue would not make me carry the sandbags when we walk, maybe I could walk farther than two blocks.

If I see my shadow tonight at weigh-in, it will be two more weeks of phase 1 of eating right. Hopefully 6 down, 10 (or as much as I can hold out for until I succumb to a low blood sugar coma) to go.

More soon, unless Sue keeps twisting my arm to walk and I am unable to type due to having another rotator cuff surgery.

Your's in carbs,
Brent (carb whisperer)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pet Peeves

A coworker and I were talking about pet peeves today. He asked what mine were. I could only come up with three. Most of the time I forget that something bothers me until it happens.

Here is what I came up with today:
-I hate it when tape (packaging tape especially) sticks to my fingers and can't get it off. It kinds freaks me out.
-I can't stand it when people are driving slow in the fast lane, especially on the freeway.
-People clapping when a movie ends. There is no need for this. It is not a live performance. You have been watching a screen for a couple hours. The actors don't feel appreciated because they aren't there!

Something that isn't really a pet peeve, but I think is hilarious, is when I am driving, look over, and see an adult picking their nose. Do they think that when they get into their car an invisible shield goes up around them? It cracks me up every time.

What are some of your pet peeves?

Santa Cruz

Blake and I are lucky to have families that either live in really cool places or own vacation homes. My Uncle's family owns a house in Santa Cruz.

We love going to the coast. We haven't been to Santa Cruz in almost a year, but are so looking forward to it. I have worked lots of hours and weekends, so we are taking off tonight and coming back on Thursday.

Along with the beach and boardwalk, we are going to go to Monterey on Thursday...I haven't been to Monterey in years.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with my love without the distractions of home!

Eating (right) 1 weak

This is from my father:

Hi. My name is Gary (name changed to avoid repercussions at home) and I am a Carboholic.

One weak and one day has passed since I was mislead about diet and exercise. It has been 4 days since my last carb. Will I ever get that darn one year ice cream…..errrr, I mean button.

Another forced march last night. This time we went to the north and west so that we would be in the shade. Who knew that neighborhood had a ban on trees? How do I explain my sunburn to the dermatologist tomorrow? Sue is a ruthless tyrant.

I fear that lack of carbs is keeping me from lasting through the day.

Again weakness is playing a big part in my ability to function. I was unable to get out of my chair at work. After repeated attempts, I realized that I was sitting to close to my desk and the reason I needed to loose weight was preventing me from getting up. With great effort, I amassed all the strength left in my weakened state and pushed my chair back, thus allowing me to call for help to assist me out of my chair. Decided not to get up after all. Need to save my strength to be able to go home after work.

One weak weigh-in last night. Only lost 3 pounds. I could have done better with an exacta knife and my shop vac while eating Cold Stone's.

Sue assures me that things will improve. I will lose more weight, feel better, and my internal organs will not hurt from wearing clothes that are too tight.

More soon, if I can just remember what's going on in my weakened state.

Your's in carbs,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tethering my IPhone to my Computer

We don't have internet at our house yet. Which is really inconvenient and great all at the same time.

On Saturday, I discovered something new. I can plug my IPhone into my computer via USB, and I can get on the internet.

Most of you probably already knew this, but I don't usually plug my phone into my computer at home, I only do it at work.

I am amazed by technology.