Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I never thought that I would even come close. I knew what a healthy balance was. But over these past 2 months, work has been so crazy that I have shut out many other areas of my life.

I was off work on Dec 24th, but decided to go pick up a check at the church office. While I was there, I went into our communication directors office and asked if I could borrow one of his books. I had seen it laying around, but never looked closely at it. Which is why I am not even sure why I asked for it (now I know).

"Mad Church Disease:Overcoming the burnout Epidemic" by Anne Jackson was the book.

I started reading it on the 26th on our way to Urbana, and finished it early on in the flight from LAX to St Louis.

These past 2 months, I have given 120% at work. There has been so much to do, and knowing that it needed to be done "now" didn't help.

It is extremely easy for me "to do" for God, that I forget how "to just be" with Him. To sit at the feet of my saviour. To rest in Him.

And it turns out that if I don't change my lifestyle soon, I am going to burnout.

I recommend that every church staff member and every church leader should read this book, if only for the knowledge of what it may look like if they are beginning to burn out or if someone they work with and know well may be experiencing this.

So while at Urbana, although there is lots to do, experience, and see, I am trying to reconnect with the Lord of my life, to figure out again what it can look like to slow down and just be in his presence.

When we get home, Blake and I are going to begin implementing some lifestyle changes that we have already begun to discuss.

This book has a lot of good information, helps you reflect on your situation, and gives you steps to changing all areas of your life (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical).

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Healthy LifeStyle

Its confession time...

I love sleep. I use to know how to have a balance in my life between work, friends, boyfriend (at the time, now I sleep with him...because we are married!), and family. I use to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise. Eating healthy (most of the time). Taking time to journal.

These past 3 months, well, it hasn't quite been like that. Shoot, it may be longer than that.

This past week:
I worked 46 hours in 4 days this week.
I got little sleep, until last night, when I slept for 11 hours. When my body was telling me to go to sleep at 7:30 last night, I knew something wasn't quite right.
I have eaten a bunch of crap this week.
Ice cream every night.

And my body feels it. It knows the stress. It knows that I am not feeding myself what I should.

And I feel...


So this weekend, I am going to try something different. I am going to rest. I am going to eat healthy. I am going to give my husband my undivided attention (some of the time at least). I am going to spend time with friends and family.

What do you do to maintain a healthy balance in your life?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Week!

I have had the best birthday week ever, thanks to my wonderful husband and friends.

I went to dinner with my friends and walked Christmas Tree Lane on Saturday night.

Sunday we went to Pasadena where I was surprised with a gift from Tiffany & Co and dinner with my sister and best friend.

Monday we went to Disneyland.

I was surprised with a second day at Disneyland on Tuesday.

We had a great time with my parents at dinner on Thursday night. I was surprised with an awesome bike and some other rather cool gifts.

And tonight Blake had something planned, but due to the whether I think it is being postponed.

I received a card each day from my wonderful husband...some sweet and some really funny.

Blake has made me feel so special this week. I am so glad that I have such an amazing husband who loves to show me how special I am to him.

Can't wait for all the birthdays I will get to share with him in the future!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Relevant Life

I want my life to be relevant. I want the topics I blog about to relevant.

What does it mean to lead a relevant life to you?