Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hume in Haiti

Once I arrived in Haiti, we came back to the house, I ate some really good Haitian food, and then I took a short nap. I had been told that there was so much the Lord was doing, and so many possibilities in the ways we could partner with the people here, I was a little overwhelmed but extremely excited.

The first outing consisted of myself, Ericlee, Dorina, Meilani, Stacie, Forrest, and Pastor Peter, who is the director of Christian Friendship Ministry. We drove on an extremely bumpy road, passing pigs, goats, donkies carrying stuff, and lots of people, until we arrived at a field with a sheet metal gate. The field had sugarcane in it and belongs to Peter’s father. Right away, Peter came alive as he began to talk about coming to the field as a child and how sugar is produced. He showed us and told us about the process that sugarcane must go through and how there is a machine that he wants to purchase so those that have sugarcane can process it and sell it for an income.

Then he began sharing his vision for a Christian kids camp. He described it in so much detail, that in the middle of this sugarcane, I could actually see the camp , and the kids at the camp. The chapel would be at the center of the camp, a dorm for the girls on the right and a dorm for the boys on the left, soccer fields, basketball courts, cafeteria…you name it, he has thought of it. Kids in Haiti are not cared for in the summer months as their parents are off in a garden or field, doing an odd job, or if they are lucky enough to have a regular job. This would be a place where the kids could come for a week or two in the summer, hear from the word, and be loved on. There is not a place in Haiti like this.

It was wonderful to see him describe this camp. As he was looking at me telling me this information, he was also lost somewhere deep inside himself, where this dream lives. And for just a second, he let me become a part of that dream, and something came alive inside me.


jlilley said...

So, can we help make this happen?

Karen said...

I just got chills.