Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dressing up our Dogs

Just because we can :)

Crazy Life

My life has dramatically increased in stress and business the past couple weeks. Although I am excited for the challenges, I am overwhelmed. I am feeling it now more than normal since I haven't had a day off in 10 days. I am tired. I am finding things that wouldn't normally bother me definitely rub me the wrong way lately.

I need to get away. Be with Jesus. And no one else. Even if it is for a couple hours. I am no good to myself or in ministry if I am serving out of a puddle instead of an ocean of God's love and mercy.

A Two Dog Family

Last Saturday, we got another puppy. Sammy is a lab mix, which we have discovered that he is mixed with Great Dane (he is a big boy). We thought it would be good for Sammy to have a friend at home. It has been an interesting transition, but overall we think he likes her.

Maddi is also a lab mix, but she is part terrier. I am glad that she is not going to be as big as Sammy, but right now, she is tiny compared to him.