Sunday, March 23, 2008

Singing in Creole

Every morning in Haiti, I am first woken up by a bell ringing at 4 am, and about an hour later there is a much sweeter sound that enters into the house. The people at the church in pignon get together to pray every morning at 5 am and they sing worship songs. Normally, any noise that wakes me up is annoying, but not this sound. I love hearing the people of God worshiping in their own language.
The Haitian people have beautiful voices. Each church has several choirs. At The Bridge the past couple of years, 2 guys from Haiti lived in Fresno and were a part of the choir at The Bridge, Gerbi (pronounced Jeby) and Walquis (pronounced Wakky). They took songs that they learned in English and translated them into Creole. The songs, in my opinion, sound more beautiful coming from the lips of the Haitians in Creole than in English.
The Lord has spoken deep into my soul the times this past week that I have been able to worship in English while they worship in Creole. This was my favorite part of the worship services when I was in El Salvador too. The Lord has continued to open my eyes to his beautiful creation in the Haitian people.

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Karen said...

that's a beautiful picture.