Saturday, March 22, 2008


I rode in the back of a truck today from Pignon to San Raphael. This is a 10 mile drive, but takes about an hour (if we're lucky) to get there. I am always up for an adventure, and I had already rode in the back of the truck, so what harm could happen? Well, I wasn't planning on being behind the other truck, which was bigger and stirred up a lot of dust. I didn't care that I was getting extremely dirty, but my nostrils sure didn't like it. Just so you can see how dirty I got, here is a the dirt lines? :)


Blake said...

The dirt lines are beautiful!

I mean, who could have seen it coming.. Big truck, dirt roads...

What a shocker =)

Stephanie said...

In my defense, the truck was behind us when we started out! I really didn't think I would get as dirty as I did! :)