Saturday, March 22, 2008

Simplicity and Dependance

One of the most fascinating things that I rediscocer about myself when I am on a mission trip is how much I love simplicity. In america, there is always something to do or see...always a distraction. Power, influence, and money is what drives the average american person. As a Christian in the US, I am constantly fighting this trend internally. I know that I fall short in this area so much, as I desire to have the latest and greatest toy myself (i really do love technology).

The people of Haiti have nothing, yet they are some of the most joyful people I have ever encountered. They do not have the everyday distractions that we have. Granted, life is very different in Haiti. They have only had electricity for 2 years and it is only on about 3 hours every night, and 6 hours on sunday. On most days, they hope to be able to eat something, anything, by the end of the day. They fight to survive most days, and I am in america thriving. Getting a pair of used tennis shoes and older t-shirts, it is as if they had received a brand new car. They live on the grace of God daily.

I think that if Jesus were on this earth right now, he would commend the way the haitian Christians live and he would rebuke us Christians in the US for depending on the things in this world instead of the Lord. Their faith, joy, and dependence on the Lord is an example to me and the way that I should be living.

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