Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Engagement Pics by Ken Kienow

On October 18th, Blake and I took our engagement pictures. We had heard about this great photographer, but we just weren't sure if we could get him (well, not really, it just depended on a free schedule) ;). Ken Kienow and my sister were good friends in high school. And who would have though that Luke and Sarah Mundy would be in Ken's parents LifeGroup?

We had a great time with Ken. It was easy to be ourselves and our personalities came out in some of the pictures most of you will never see.

Here are some of our favorite pictures! Enjoy!

We have over 100 more pictures, if you are really interested in seeing them, let me know and I'll show them to you! And if you need pictures taken, make sure you contact Ken!

1 comment:

Ken Kienow said...

You rock! You guys were super fun. I'm really looking forward to your wedding. See you two soon! :)