Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Annual Ridgeway German Gingerbread House Buildoff

Earlier in the week, Blake and I realized that we had nothing going on the evening of Christmas. So we decided to come up with something to do (because heaven forbid we actually just rest and do nothing). I was talking about the fact that I had not made a gingerbread house since I was in kindergarten. Problem solved. And of course, we had to make it a competition. So we drug my parents into it. We went to Trader Joes earlier in the week, bought us and my parents a gingerbread kit.
Christmas evening, we built our houses. And since we made it a competition, we need somebody to judge. Below are pictures of the 2 houses. Cast your vote as to which house you like best!

House #1

House #2

The houses side by side....


Blake said...

where are all the votes???

This is starting to look like my blog... ;)

Berger said...


i guess i pick the winner since i'm the only voter

Stephanie said...

there were votes that were told to me, but not posted....all that to say, Blake and I did win :)