Monday, December 22, 2008

Blake's 26th Birthday Week

Blake turned the big 2-6 yesterday.
It is pretty funny to think back over the past couple of years. When Blake turned 24 and I turned 23, we had a joint birthday party. It was a redneck themed party...we had hay bales in the house and everything. We weren't even dating then. I don't think it had crossed either of our minds (well, I know it hadn't crossed mine...Blake?)

I am extremely blessed to be marrying such a wonderful, godly man. We have so much fun together. He is extremely funny, he is romantic, he is thoughtful, and he is manly. He is pretty much everything a girl could ask for. :)

To celebrate his birthday, I gave Blake a gift a day for the past week, ending on his birthday. I had a blast getting all the gifts (or having them delivered). I wanted Blake to know how special he is to me (and it was a lot of fun...I LOVE to give gifts) After day number 2, I think he began to expect something every day though...I'll have to come up with something new next year!
I am looking forward to spending year number 26 of Blake's life with him...I have no doubt that it will be full of many adventures!


Blake said...

Alright all... Since no one will read my blog about my birthday (like I have posted one...) This is what my wonderful fiance did for me...

Monday Night: I got a sweater from target that I love
Tuesday night: I got a teddy bear holding a card leaning against a bag that had south beach bars, and those boxes of life savers... you know the ones Im talking about, the story book ones... come on, you all got them!
Wednesday night: I got a santa spud... it is awesome!!!
Thursday: My wonderful fiance got me a delivery of edible arrangements... and that had chocolate covered strawberries in it.. I recommend the white chocolate ones... yum!
Friday: I got sweedish fish to take to disneyland.

But the best present of all has to be the girl that gave them to me. She is truly special, and I hope everyone knows that =)

Stephanie said...

You still need to blog about your birthday week...and you forgot saturday the 13th's gift, saturday the 20th's gift, and the gif you got on your birthday (not all the details, just the general idea) :)

But put them all in your own blog post!

BK said...

You guys are too funny :) Sounds like a fun week!