Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I watched Mike and Sue Phillips' twin boys, Blake and Joel, tonight. It is Sue's birthday, and apparently the boys were a little out of control today, and she wanted a peaceful birthday dinner, so I got them. I had actually offered yesterday, and I got a call this afternoon asking if I could still watch them...which of course I did.

I had something planned tonight, so the boys were just going to come along with me. We went to McDonalds for dinner (yeah, I know, real healthy, but come on, there is a playground for them to play in). Then we went to Starbucks to hear Luke Mundy play. The boys were good, for the most part. Once we got to Starbucks, I knew they weren't going to last long. Since I knew the way they had been behaving most of the day, I wasn't surprised at the stuff they tried to pull with me.

The thing is, with these boys, they are like my nephews. I have known them since birth and they are like family to me. Let's just say they didn't get away with a lot of crap. Don't get me wrong, we had fun. But I draw the line when there is hitting (since that is a rule at home) and when one intentionally spits vanilla bean frappachino on my sweatshirt.

All of that to say...I think that I'll make a pretty good mom someday. Not that I was super concerned, but watching the boys tonight, taking them out instead of watching them at their house (which is completely different, by the way), has given me a little more confidence that when I do have kids, I won't completely jack them up. I am just praying that I don't have twins.

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BK said...

You will be a good mom :)