Thursday, April 19, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

I am beginning to realize that there is never a dull moment in my life. Case in point, last night.
I was having coffee with my friend Becky at Koffeeheads. Actually, she blogged about it, so instead of me re-typing what happened...this is what took place in the words of Becky Kruse.

"Tonight I had coffee with my dear friend Steph at Koffeeheads in Riverpark. We were sitting, laughing, chatting, enjoy our lattes when all of a sudden we hear "Open the door, this is Fresno PD." An officer was pounding on the bathroom door of the women's restroom, where a women had been in there over a hour. She came out of the bathroom and the officer put her hands behind her back and proceeded to escort her outside. While he was escorting her out he asked her, "Do you have the stuff on you?" And the woman replies, "What are you talking about officer? I was just using the restroom..." Apparently she either had a really bad case of diarrhea OR something else was going on in the bathroom...After all that happened, I needed to use the restroom, but for some reason I decided to just wait until I got home"

The difference between Becky and myself is that I had no problem using the bathroom after all of this happened. All the lady left was a little cocaine, and I took care of that for her...just kidding, there was nothing in there. :) Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go.

This is just one of the crazy things that I encounter, well, basically every day. What an adventure life is! :)

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BK said...

"In the words of Becky Kruse..."

Ha--you are too funny. But surely never a dull moment!

Thanks for letting me steal some of your time to chat and hang out. Always a good time.