Monday, April 23, 2007

Heads Up!

Saturday night, I went to the Grizzlies baseball game with Ashley, Steph Tort, Amada, Gia, and Sarah Brady. We all went in the same car (minus Amada). Sarah sat next to the window, which was a mistake. Sarah likes to yell out the window at people. Saturday was no different. She began asking people, in a spanish accent "Do you know where is the West Side Jungle Club?" One guy actually stopped to answer the question, but he couldn't understand her.

After harrasing numerous people, we finally made it to the parking garage. We paid the attendant in a whole bunch of change, since none of us actually wanted to pay to park...which made the attendant laugh. After we parked, we finally got to the stadium. We purchased the cheapes tickets possible and then found some great seats on the third base line.
Before I go to any Grizzlies game, my mother reminds me and whoever I am with to watch out for fly balls. About 3 years ago, my parents were at a game with my aunt and uncle, and a foul ball came crashing down on my mom's butt as she tried to move out of the way. I always shrug her off, telling her that I always pay attention to the game, at least somewhat, and know when foul balls are hit.

I am not even sure what inning this happened in, all I remember is that it was raining. Steph Tort had my blanket and her and Ash were under an umbrella, I had my hood on, Sarah had her trench coat on, and Gia and Amada were under my other blanket (how did I not even have one of my two blankets?). Anyways, as we were all talking, laughing, making fun of the players and other people, a fly ball was hit. We all looked up, and I realized that the ball was coming right for me. We all stood up, and the ball missed me. Whew! or so I thought. The ball bounced off of the cement and back onto my head, then off my head and some guy caught it. I thought it was really funny, at first. The guy ended up giving me the ball.

As we continued to watch the game, I realized that my head was beginning to hurt. Sarah was harassing the cotton candy guy to give us some cotton candy for free, or at least at a discounted price. I ended up asking for some ice from one of the employees who had already asked me if I wanted some, but had declined. Well, instead of just bringing me a bag of ice, these two "paramedics" in leather jackets came. They were there to make sure I was ok, all the while Sarah was concerned about getting some free cotton candy. I don't think the guys took me that seriously, due to the fact that Sarah would not shut up about the cotton candy. One of the guys placed the ice on my head. I almost didn't put my hand on the ice to see if he would hold it there for me...but decided not to chance making this guy any more made or annoyed than he already was.

Well, Sarah ended up getting her cotton candy. She told Gia, who told Amada to ask this little girl that was sitting next to us if she would give me her cotton candy since I got hit in the head. I tried to give it back to the little girl, but couldn't get it to her before Sarah inhaled the cotton candy.

We left in the 8th inning since it was raining and we were cold. So, off to Coldstone we went. And yes, I did have ice cream even though i am on the South Beach Diet...I got hit in the head...I deserved it. :)

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