Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alpaca Farm!!!!

My sister was in town this weekend, which meant that we got to see a lot of my family. My sister wanted to see my cousin and her twins. I haven't seen the twins in awhile, and the rest of my family was going, and they have I decided to go. One of my best friends, Sarah, has wanted to go out to the alpaca farm for a long time. She got to see them when she was in Peru and I would say is somewhat fascinated by them (or something like that). So I gave her a call, and she came with.

The twins are now 2 1/2, and are so much fun to play with! Not only did I get to play with the twins, I got to pet the alpacas. My cousin and her husband actually have an alpaca farm...Sunny Acres Alpaca. They breed alpacas, so they have a lot of them. They actually have literature, stuff made out from alpaca fiber, etc. Sarah got the royal treatment...she was basically in heaven. She was so funny. She is going to be teacher, and loves to learn new stuff. My cousin told her all about the alpacas, the baby alpacas, gestation period, their fiber, etc...Sarah even got to feed the alpacas and feel how thick their fiber is.

Because she visited the farm, she go a teddy bear made out of alpaca fiber. I asked where my alpaca teddy bear was...apparently I don't get one because I am family. That's ok, a couple of years ago I got socks made out of alpaca fiber...I don't know where they are at the current moment, but when I find them I'm going to wear them everyday.

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