Sunday, February 18, 2007

The GRE and my new vocabulary

My world, and what I thought it consisted of for the next few months of my life and to be honest longer than that, has kind of been turned upside down. I have had some health issues and am having surgery to remove my gallbladder on Tuesday (for more info on the gallbladder, see blog below). I also have about 10 ulcers, which is uncommon for several reasons...the number of ulcers that there are (what, 10 is too many?) and the fact that I am only 23 years old. So instead of going back to DC, I will be staying in Fresno.
This leaves my options and my schedule pretty much wide open. I have done nothing for about 6 weeks, and am now bored out of my mind. I don't really know how to not do anything, so being out of commission for so long has given me way too much time to think about, well, everything. So instead of taking it easy, waiting for my surgery date and being oh so excited for the recovery period, I have somehow come up with 3 plans for my life...scratch that, 4 different plans for my life.
One of these plans is now grad school in the fall at Fresno State. I have a heart for missions, for people, and for politics, and believe that a masters in International Relations would be helpful for what comes next in my life. The application is due April 1st, and the GRE is the test required. You are allowed to take the GRE once a month but no more than five times during the year. I discovered this on Friday. Needless to say, I decided to sign up for the GRE. Since I would like to take it twice, I signed up for the GRE on Friday the 16th, am having surgery on Tuesday the 20th, and am taking the GRE on Wednesday February 28th (which should be a fun time had by all). The only part of the test that I am concerned with is the vocabulary.
On Friday, I went to Barnes and Nobles, and purchased GRE Exam vocabulary flashcards. Some of these words are normal, everyday words (chauvinist, advocate, erratic)...any college graduate would know them. Then, there are other words, that no one in their right mind would use...but I think I might start using some of these words. So just an insight...from now on a group is a bevy, a lie is a canard, and noise is cacophony...this may be a dangerous undertaking. :)

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