Thursday, September 17, 2009

Under the Overpass

I started reading a new book on Tuesday, titled Under the Overpass.

It is written by one of the two guys who decided to take a 5 month journey into homelessness. Upper-middle class guys with a college education. They left everything that they knew.

I started it on Tuesday and I am almost done with it. Because it is good.

They encounter so many people, Christians, who look at them and automatically discount them because of the way they look. Dirty. Stinky. Sitting on the corner of a street playing guitar for money. And the reaction of Christians in this book is appalling.

And I pray that I am never the person who discounts the homeless person that walks into the church that I attend because they don't look or smell like I would like them to. That I would treat them as Christ would want me to treat them.

Go buy this book.

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