Monday, August 31, 2009

Eating (right) Too weak....I mean 2 weeks

From my dad.....

Hi. My name is……………. not too sure anymore. Hershey, Baby Ruth, Junior Mints, all are familiar but somehow don't seem quite right.

I am a carboholic.

It's been 1 and 2 days since my last carb (do 24 sweet potato fries and 30, maybe 92 potato chips really count). I have given up on getting that one year button and have set my sights on the 32 count box of Skinny Cow. My body now has sugar GPS. I can sniff out a Baskin Robbins or Coldstones blindfolded.

Tonight is weigh-in and it is weighing heavily on my mind and of course, still on the rest of my body. I fear that the desired outcome of two weaks (sic) of changed eating habits and barbaric exercise (walking ) will not be realized. The goal is to lose at least as many pounds as the week before so as not to have to endure a longer death march each night. If only Sue would not make me carry the sandbags when we walk, maybe I could walk farther than two blocks.

If I see my shadow tonight at weigh-in, it will be two more weeks of phase 1 of eating right. Hopefully 6 down, 10 (or as much as I can hold out for until I succumb to a low blood sugar coma) to go.

More soon, unless Sue keeps twisting my arm to walk and I am unable to type due to having another rotator cuff surgery.

Your's in carbs,
Brent (carb whisperer)

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