Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eating (right) 1 weak

This is from my father:

Hi. My name is Gary (name changed to avoid repercussions at home) and I am a Carboholic.

One weak and one day has passed since I was mislead about diet and exercise. It has been 4 days since my last carb. Will I ever get that darn one year ice cream…..errrr, I mean button.

Another forced march last night. This time we went to the north and west so that we would be in the shade. Who knew that neighborhood had a ban on trees? How do I explain my sunburn to the dermatologist tomorrow? Sue is a ruthless tyrant.

I fear that lack of carbs is keeping me from lasting through the day.

Again weakness is playing a big part in my ability to function. I was unable to get out of my chair at work. After repeated attempts, I realized that I was sitting to close to my desk and the reason I needed to loose weight was preventing me from getting up. With great effort, I amassed all the strength left in my weakened state and pushed my chair back, thus allowing me to call for help to assist me out of my chair. Decided not to get up after all. Need to save my strength to be able to go home after work.

One weak weigh-in last night. Only lost 3 pounds. I could have done better with an exacta knife and my shop vac while eating Cold Stone's.

Sue assures me that things will improve. I will lose more weight, feel better, and my internal organs will not hurt from wearing clothes that are too tight.

More soon, if I can just remember what's going on in my weakened state.

Your's in carbs,

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