Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections and Jesus

Elections are funny. Especially presidential elections. They bring out something in people that doesn't come out but every 4 years. These people could care less about politics 99% of the time.

When we elect a President, we aren't electing a dictator, a supreme ruler. The United States political system is set up with checks and balances. So even though one candidate may "promise" certain things, there is no guarantee that those promises will come to fruition.

Although I am an American, I am first and foremost a citizen in the Kingdom of God. My citizenship is in heaven. I am a child of God. And the God I serve is sovereign. He is all knowing. He knew who was going to be elected President tonight. He knows who will be elected in 2016. And the promises that my King tells me, well, I have no doubt that they will be kept. And I know my God really does care about injustice.


brian said...

YES. Seriously, why is it so hard for Christians to forget this? Or do they not know it in the first place?

Karen said...

haha yes. I just wrote about that too. amen.

Mike & Ashley + One said...

hey i found your blog off of merediths! good to find you! hope we can keep in touch!



Hey, what is your new last name going to be?.... I have to start preparing myself to say it and not Ridgeway.