Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grace-filled Living and Good Habits

Blake and I are going through a book called Devotional Classics. Tonight, we read a passage by E. Stanley Jones. It is excerpts from his book Conversion. I took a lot from this reading.

In the beginning, he talks about the gift that God gives us, a relationship with Him and eternal life, and how we must live in accordance with His word. One of my favorite quotes from this section (and Blake had to point it out to me) was "We trust as if the whole thing depended on God and work as if the whole thing depended on us". Our salvation is a gift from God, and there is nothing we can do to obtain it. But we are suppose to receive His grace and forgiveness and respond by doing good works that God has set in place before the beginning of time.

The other part of the devotion that really stuck out to me was a reminder of the simple acts, or habits, that will only help me in my walk with the Lord.

These habits are:
1. Reading the Word daily-The Bible is God's way of revealing himself to us.
2. Praying in Private-When we read the word, God speaks to us. In prayer, we speak to God. Then God speaks to us directly in words to us.
3. Tell others about the things that God is teaching you-You never know when it will be exactly what somebody needed to hear.

It is always encouraging when Blake and I have these times together. We think so differently, and God reveals himself to each one of us in different ways, that I always walk away from these times sharpened and edified.

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