Sunday, May 4, 2008

Camp Sugarpine

I am off to Camp Sugarpine tomorrow with the rest of the ministry staff at The Bridge. The book we read this year is The Volunteer Revolution by Bill Hybels.

This is always a great time where we are able to get away, seek the Lord, see what He wants for us in the next year, spend time in the word, in prayer, plan, eat some good food, and fellowship. It is always nice when you like your co-workers, especially when you have to spend 3 days straight with them. But I don't just like my co-workers, I love them. They are like my second family. I know that I could count on them for anything. It doesn't hurt that we laugh a lot when we are all together either.

I am looking forward to seeking the Lord together with my brothers and sisters over the next few days.

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