Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Afternoon Away

Blake and I went up to Shaver yesterday to just get away. Blake use to have a motorcycle, but he sold it last Fall. One day, he will have a Harley, but right now it just ain't gonna happen. So, he rented a Harley for us to ride up to Shaver on.

We took what he calls the scenic route...we went out to Ashlan and down and around...all I know is that we ended up back on the 168. The ride was a lot of fun. We made it to Shaver just before noon, grabbed our towels and went to a section of the beach at Shaver where no one was around.

We are going through this book together called Devotional Classics. The readings so far have been hit and miss. 2 good and 2 not so good. Maybe not so good are the wrong words. They were good, jut not very applicable. The one last week by CS Lewis and the scripture that went with it was fantastic. Yesterday was by Thomas Merton, who was a monk. Let's just say we are now both trying to figure out how being a monk glorifies God and how they fulfill the great commission...
Around 2 we realized we were both hungry, so we packed up and went to a restaurant in Shaver. The weather was gorgeous, so we sat outside. We began eating our food, and Blake stopped mid sentence and said that his step dad just drove by. He got my phone and called them. They were in the area setting up camp for the summer, and were going to look at the lake quickly. They came back about 5 minutes later. It was totally random but a nice surprise seeing them.
The funny thing is that his mom didn't like when he had a motorcycle. And of course Joe, his step dad, asked what we were driving. When Blake said the bike, the look on his mom's face was classic, although she didn't say anything. We headed back down to Fresno soon after that (and we passed his parents on the way down....).
We had a wonderful day...the weather was gorgeous and I could not have enjoyed better company. I'm looking forward to many more times just like Saturday in the future..
Next time, I think we will use sun screen (or at least Blake will). :)

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Luke Mundy said...

I just finished a book called Faith Undone that I think you would find interesting. It discusses Merton at length. Apparently he tried his best to be a Christian Buddahist. Really into some trippy Eastern stuff.

How's that for fulfilling the Great Commission?