Friday, July 18, 2008

Did you look in the mirror before you left the house?

On Thursday night Blake and I went to Kiss Country's Summer Concert series concert at Woodward Park featuring Josh Gracin. They could have done without the special guests (more commonly known as opening acts). They were One Flew South and Phil Stacey....and they both sucked. However, Josh Gracin was awesome! I would definitely pay to see him in concert again.

When you go to concerts, especially outdoors, and when it is about 100 degrees outside, there are lots of people to look at...and lots of people that wear things that you can't believe.

First of all, props to the guy that wore a button up plaid shirt with the sleeves torn off, cowboy hat, belt buckle, boots, and gut hanging out. Nobody will ever tell him that he isn't country...or at least a redneck.

What I don't understand is some of the things women choose to wear out of the house...or to put it a different way, not wear out of the house.

Apparently, there are 2 common styles if you are going to a country concert in Fresno/Clovis. The first is the dress and cowboy boots scenario. Except the dress is a summer dress and they look uncomfortable in the boots. Along with this one is the mini skirt, flowing top, and the boots. This look is even more unattractive if the person is overweight.

The second style is the long shirt with the teeny tiny shorts. Except the shirt is so long (just below the but) and the shorts are so short that you can barely see the what's the point, right? One person had this going on and had cowboy boots on looked really bad.

This doesn't account for the females who are hanging out of their tops...and are in their forties.

For the guys...we don't want to see you in a tank top. We don't care if you are fit...don't do it. And if you are overweight, please, please, please spare us from that sight.

I have no doubt that there are "real cowboys" that live in Clovis and in the surrounding areas. But what I saw at the concert was a bunch of wanna be's, and it was really sad. There were many other people out there who were themselves, and they weren't trying to impress anybody...but you mainly notice the ones who are trying to get attention...

So the next time you are leaving the house, take a look at yourself in the mirror, or better yet, if you are someone who dresses like this, call the show What Not to Wear and see if they can help you out...

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