Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Elections and Propositions

For those of you living under a rock, today was an election day...Super Tuesday to be exact. In 22 states, voting took place for the presidential primaries.

If you have been lucky enough to not see those stupid political commercials or received 4 phone calls in 3 hours from people who have a stake in the election (ok, not really a call from the governor, but whoever it was did a great job sounding like him on the recording), you are extremely lucky...take my word for it.

One of the most annoying commercials on tv were the commercials for Prop 94-97. My good friend Brian Davis and I were discussing how much the church should put their political opinion out there (as in a pastor telling the congregation how to vote) while we watched the superbowl. A statement was made by our lead pastor. He said that we should vote on Tuesday (ok, good), that we should vote with the Bible as our guide (or something like that), then he proceeded to say that he is not telling us how to vote (which of course, you can guess what came next, that's right), he gave his opinion on props 94-97. Now, if you are the leader of a church, and you tell how you are going to vote, you pretty much just told the congregation how to vote. I think our lead pastor is a godly man (I am on staff at the church, and I believe 100% in his leadership and where the Lord is leading us), but I was disappointed that he did this. It isn't that I don't agree with him, but I have also researched the propositions, and already had my mind made up on how I was going to vote (actually, I had already voted) before he made the statement that he made. I have no doubt that there were people who heard what he said, and just becuase he is the lead pastor of the church decided that they were going to vote the same way....that just makes me sad.

I know that Jesus spoke on political issues, but he was allowed to...becuase He is God. There was a reason for him speaking out against the Roman government. But, we are not living under the Roman empire and Jesus definitely isn't walking around on earth right now (physically, I mean, as he did 2000 years ago).

Anyways, for more information on Props 94-97, click here, or you can get the summary on Brian's blog here.

Hope you voted today...your vote does count. Yes, even as a republican in a democratic state, it counts (at least in the primary it does :) )

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