Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have been on the go, basically non-stop, since April 26th. Join me as I recount all that I did...
April 26-29
Went to Pasadena to visit my sister. Went to a Dodgers v Giants game w/ the sis, Garth and John. Went to Disneyland on Friday. Parents made it down Friday night. Went to Disneyland again on Saturday. Sunday, my sister took my parents to Costco so they could buy her food. Drove home. Went to church. Hung out with friends.
May 1
Started my new job as the Coordinator of External Focus at The Bridge Evangelical Free Church. Got to go on a field trip...toured parts of Fresno, including downtown and different ministries.
May 2-4
Ash came over for dinner. Went to coffee with Sarah. Went out on a date. Worked a whole lot more. Realized I loved my job, that it was going to be really really good and at times really really hard. Hung out with friends. Went to a grizzley's game on Friday night. The triple A dodger team was playing the triple A giants team...the grizzley's won.
May 5
Cinco de Mayo...had Mexican food twice that day. Hung out with friends. Wanted to take a nap but didn't.
May 6
Church, hung out with friends, needed to read book for staff retreat...but didn't. Went to Target and had ice cream (but I didn't have ice cream at Target).
May 7-9
Staff retreat at Camp Sugarpine. Got very little sleep. Sat and talked a lot. Prayed quite a bit. When I am out in nature, I am continually reminded of what an awesome, amazingly powerful, creative God I serve and that loves me beyond anything I can imagine.
May 10
Work, hung out with Ash, and then had dinner with Ash, Blake and Joel. Watched the Office and Grey's Anatomy.

Basically, I have been working and hanging out with people. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I definitely am going to be taking a nap on Saturday.

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BK said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging too! I was getting a little worried about you!