Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coordinator of External Focus

That is my job title at The Bridge Evangelical Free Church. I am in charge of everything that is focused outside of the church. My job has engulfed the previous missions director position and has added a whole new element to the mix.

My heart beats for people and for the lost. When the Lord first began giving me this passion for the lost, he gave me a heart for the people in the world. Over these past few years, especially while I was in DC, God has really shown me His heart not only for the people in the world, but also the people int he US and especially in Fresno. Not only am I able to serve my Lord and Savior by serving those who are out in the ends of the earth, I am going to have the opportunity to develop outreach in our community, in our neighborhood, in the nearby school.

My job follows the Acts 1:8 model. Jesus calls us to be his witnesses in Juruesalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. You can't just skip to the last one. You have to do the other three. The Bridge does the ends of the earth very well, they have for years, but the other three we have not been so good at.

It is my prayer that the Lord would continue to give me vision as to what He would like this ministry to look like. I am so excited that as a church, we are going to begin serving those in our community. Jesus didn't come to be served, but to serve.

And the coolest part, I have a bio up on our website. Actually, until I give them my bio, all that is up is a picture, but it is a darn good picture. :)

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Deztnie said...

Stephanie, Hi! It's been difficult to find other God-fearing individuals who blog. It was refreshing to find your post. And what an interesting job title and focus. I know it's late, but congratulations and God bless you. I truly mean it. As long as the Lord leads us all to different areas of ministry maybe we can collectively save the world.

Be well, be blessed,