Friday, June 11, 2010

My Dogs and God

Every time I come home, my dogs Sammy and Madi could not be happier to see me. They are so excited that I am home, that I have come back to them. At times, I think they hardly remember I was gone they are so happy to see me. They want to play, go on walks, don't remember when I have scolded them...dogs truly are mans best friend.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how my relationship with my dogs is similar to my relationship with God. My dogs run out in the street. I call after them. Sometimes they come running back to me, other times they continue on their way (especially if they are chasing a bird). When they come back to me, I am happy that they are safe and that they chose to listen to me calling after them.

Even though I may walk the other direction and may "leave" God for a time, He is always calling after me. And when I finally return, he is so happy to see me. He is happy that I am home, that I want to walk and talk with him. The fact that I had chosen to not include him in part of my life has been forgotten.

Its like the prodigal son. Although I didn't ask for my inheritance now, spend it on useless things, and choose to live obvious sin, I know that in many instances I turn my back on God. And when I choose to turn back to him, he is there waiting for me with arms wide open.

His grace is sufficient for me. And for that, I am forever grateful

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