Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eyes and Balls

Part of my role at The Bridge is to oversee and implement our global and local missions program. I have been on staff for 3 years now. What I have discovered in those 3 years is that churches and non-profit organizations in Fresno work extremely well together. It's as if they realize that the goal isn't for each individual church to have the largest attendance but want to make the greatest impact on the kingdom by working together.

There are a group of missions pastors/directors that get together a couple times a month just to get together, to talk about what is going on in our ministries, and a time to ask each other questions. I have come to really value these times together. I love hearing what others are doing. I love gleaning ideas from their ministries so that it works in the culture of our church and the direct community that we are in.

Today, I had Indian food for the first time with a group of these people. One of the topics of discussion was the most abnormal food to our own culture that we have eaten on a trip to a foreign country. Pretty much every person beat me with what I would call a weird food...from a foot long worm, to half developed chicken egg, to an animals eyes and balls...

The only abnormal thing that I have eaten is iguana, armadillo, and goats meat (which is actually really good!)

What is something you have eaten that you never thought you would eat?

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