Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm a Bad Aunt

I married into a large family.

Hubs has 4 siblings and 4 step siblings. There are 7 of them, including Blake, who still live in the area. Needless to say, family functions, when all kids are there with their spouses with their kids, can be fun, but insane.

Take Christmas for example...32 people. All immediate family.

I have 13 nieces and nephews that are out of the womb and walking, 2 more baking in the oven, and who knows how many more in the works.

I can't keep track of birthdays. Since we have been married, I haven't sent a birthday card.

I'm pretty sure that makes me the. worst. aunt. ever. There are worse things in life, right? Probably not to kids under 8! Maybe I should get on that one...

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