Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last Pre-marriage Counseling

Josh Hawley, the Pastor of Student Ministries and Young Adults at The Bridge, is marrying Blake and I. He and his wife played significant roles in our lives when we were in college.

However, you have to go through pre-marital counseling with them. I think we met 4 times, plus one other time with another person on finances and what not.

Tonight was our last one.

I think we passed.

Which means in 10 days I will be Mrs. Stephanie German.

And that makes me happy :)


brian said...

i was thinking blake ridgeway sounds better. btw, where's the post about what you talked about in the last "ask anything" session???

Stephanie said...

I think Blake Ridgeway sounds great too...pass on the Ridgeway name, you know what I mean? He wouldn't go for it. And "ask anything" session...I don't know what you are talking about.


It is sooo fun being married. I can't wait for you guys to start your lives together as a couple. Good luck to both of us next weekend(in 9 and 10 days)!

Karen said...


Blake said...

Blake Ridgeway is not going to be anyones name, unless stacey doesn't change her name when the day comes and she is married, and they have a kid and decide to name it blake, after the amazing brother in law.

dimon said...

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