Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our New McCaffrey Home....

Blake and I are fortunate enough to be purchasing a home right now. It is a new home, as we found we could buy a new home for the same amount that we could buy a 20 year old home.

McCaffrey is who we are buying from. They act as the seller, the builder, and if you let them, the lender.

We have had so many problems, it is ridiculous. The house itself is very well built. They produce a great product.

But nobody in their organization seems to know what the other is doing.

For example, when trying to figure out closing costs, we had to call three different people, and they were telling us to call the person we just got off the phone with. The funniest part is when the appraiser said the same thing, without us even mentioning it to him.

Our house was painted the wrong color. The interior designer never returned our phone calls, as well as giving us the wrong information, or misleading us on numerous things.

We had our walk through on Saturday. There are numerous minor things that need to be fixed before we close on Wednesday. But my favorite is they installed one of the wrong appliances. We were suppose to have a microwave/hood combo installed, and they didn't install it.

We are extremely blessed to be able to live in our new house once we are married, and I don't want you to think I am complaining, but if I never had to deal with anybody from McCaffrey ever again, I think I would be ecstatic.

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Blake said...

I cant wait until they experience the letter we have penned to them =)

Yay for moving this week!!!