Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Cup of Coffee and the Bible

Tonight, after I sat at home for a while as my parents helped Blake pack, (I mean, did stuff for the wedding and house, yeah....whoops...but really, I did...do stuff....) Blake and I went to Starbucks.

One of our favorite things to do is just to be able to sit and talk....talk about life, talk about work, talk about our day, talk about the future, talk about whatever. But lately, our lives have been so crazy that we haven't been able to do that.

But tonight, we made time. And it was wonderful. We were able to stop and just be. And nothing else in the world mattered. And we connected. And it was good.

And after we sat for awhile and talked, we opened up our Bibles and read Amos 1 and 2, and talked about its significance back then and our lives today.

And it was good. So good.

Some of my favorite times have been when we were able to stop our lives, sit down, and just enjoy life together.

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Karen said...

I love doing this with Josh too. it really is hard to find time...but is SO worth it when you do.