Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Medieval Times

So my hotel room is right across from Medieval Times. Although I have never been, all that i can think of when that name is mentioned is the movie Cable Guy... "Since there was no silverware in medieval times there is no silverware at medieval times." "But there is Pepsi?"

Anyways, there is also a restaurant called Pirate's Adventure...but who would go to that when they could go to Medieval Times!

I am not going to either ($40 is kinda steep for a place that doesn't have silverware) but I would choose Medieval Times over Pirate's Adventure any day.

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Linda said...

I LOVE Medieval Times! I went with my family, it was a blast. Have you seen Garden State? There's a guy in that movie who works at Medieval Times. He's a stable boy or something. Haha. Anyway, you should definitely go.