Monday, September 6, 2010

Craft Monday: Germans Est 2009 Wall Art

Since we have only been married for just over a year (according to my husband, it is 16 months..until we get to 2 years, we are going by months, like a toddler...), we are still in the process of decorating our house. We still have quite a few empty walls.

When I saw this idea on Measuring My Life in Love, I knew that I had to do it.

So I downloaded Picasa and got a flicker account (that's right, we didn't use either one). I headed straight over to Leo Reynold's photostream and went to his letter collection. He has hundreds of individual letters that he has photographed, and you can use them if you abide by his restrictions. I spent a couple of hours looking through all of his pictures...I had a blast! I chose to use the large size, as I didn't want the the images to be pixilated and blury.

After picking out the letters, and getting Hubs opinion, I went to the folder they were in on Picasa.

Then I clicked the collage button and chose the grid option, so the letters were put in rows and coloumns. We wanted to make this large, but only your standard sizes were available. I chose the 4x5 option so that when I had it printed on a 16x20, it would be proportionate. The letters were used more than once until I changed the size.

After arranging them on the computer, I saved the collage.

I wanted the picture right away, so I printed it from Costco. It cost me $6, and I had it in a few hours.

Hubs and I were going to make a frame for it out of old trim or molding and paint it red. But then I found this awesome frame at Michael's, it was just what I wanted, on sale AND I had a coupon.

Hubs liked the "s"...yes, its from shrek.

Now, this blank wall has this amazing art work on it. And all for $19.

I am sharing this Est Wall Art on ALL OF THESE LINK PARTIES! Check them out!


Katie said...

Visiting from DIY Show Off -- fun idea!! Would make such a great gift, too!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

i LOVE this :) come on over and link up to MMM!

Van said...

The print looks gorgeous on your wall, smart idea. The result is very artistic and appealing. What kind of printer did you print it on?

Kaysi said...

So fun!

M said...

Wonderful! I've just added this to my list of fall projects!

Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

That is too cute! I love it!

~Lori @ Paisley Passions

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Kristin said...

Beautiful! I'm a huge fan of typography :) Thanks for the link to the letter collection!!

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Very cool!Thanks for the tips...I'm gonna try it, too!

Tracy said...

"like a toddler"

Cheryl said...

This is really nice! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

ds said...

Thanks for showing me how to do this. I will have to get those other accounts as well as we don't have them. It looks gorgeous.

Sandy Ang said...

What a great idea !

Kat said...

Love how yours turned out! Aren't they fun to make?

harada57 said...
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