Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft Monday: Chalkboard Pot

I discovered something recently that I am sure most already knew about.

Chalkboard. Paint.

You can really turn anything into a chalkboard. It is amazing. Really, its all about the little things in life.

So I went to Lowe's and picked up a quart. Then went home to see what I could paint.

And I found this.

Kinda old. Kinda boring.

I had been touching up our newly remodeled den and decided that the top portion of the pot should be that same color.

I taped off the top portion of the pot once the paint dried, and went to town painting the bottom portion!

After a few minor touch ups, I began writing on it.

I forgot how much I love playing with chalk! After several words, we settled on "Smile". Since Hubs has to look at it everyday, he got a say in what I wrote. I can only imagine what he will change it to on a daily basis.

For now, the pot and plant live on our kitchen window sill.

I wonder what else I will find in our house that I can paint.....

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Susan said...


Maggie said...

Isn't chalkboard paint amazing!!! I made similar pots as teacher gifts last year and have 2 other chalkboard paint projects on my to do list.

Kaysi said...

so cute!

Terrell said...

Absolutely love this!!! Such a great find! Thank you so much for linking your wonderful creation up at Frou Frou Decors party! I hope you had a lovely weekend..and I hope you come to the next party!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

so cute. I LOVE chalkboard paint!! I have made some cute things with plates and the paint. Will have to make some more soon (Christmas presents) so I will post them when I do. Lately I have been trying to work with magnetic paint. ummm, not good results yet.

Jessica Blankenship said...

I should try that. I actually bought the chalkboard paint awhile ago, and still haven't used it. I just have no room to paint (although i'm a craft shopping addict) I go to walmart and somehow I turn into this color frenzy and want to buy everything. color is very intriguing. Thats why I have so much paint, fabric, and yarn =).
Good idea, maybe I'll make this, and then repost back to ya.
Would love a follow back

Jessica Blankenship said...
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harada57 said...
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