Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mini Vacay in SoCal

Like how each word in my title was an abbreviation? That's mainly because I'm lazy ;)

This weekend, Hubs and I headed down to SoCal with my parents. My sister and brother-in-law live down there, so we decided to go visit them and do some fun stuff too.

Lunch. Ikea. Snack. Dodger Game. Dinner.

(I never thought I would see so much blue in my entire life! Hubs was there to watch the game, I was there for the garlic fries!)

Breakfast. Disneyland. Lunch. California Adventures.

Best ride, hands down, is California Screaming. Second best, Toy Story Mania.

Nap. Dinner. Disneyland. Dessert.

Breakfast with best friend. Driving. Snack. More driving.

I'm just now realizing we sure did eat a lot!

I sure am glad to be I can rest!

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