Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti-The Earthquake and Our Response

These past couple of days have been chaotic. With our church's connection to Haiti through our short term trips and Missions Month 2009, a deep sadness came over me. I have been there. I know the names of these individuals.

Right after we learned of the earthquake we began making as many phone calls to whoever might have information. Cell towers were down and those that weren't were being bombarded with phone calls finding out the condition of loved ones. After hours of waiting, word came to us that all were ok. Which was a relief, but I was once again grieved knowing all those that were suffering.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is a neighboring country. Abject poverty is something that can not be ignored. Yet, we decided not to pay attention until this tragedy occured. Now a country that had very little has even less.

Anne Jackson blogged about Rachel Evans on a different subject, but I came across her latest post titled "We Already Failed Haiti" She hits it right on.

So now that this tragedy has occured and the world's eyes are on Haiti, what is going to be your response....what is going to be the response of the church?

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