Friday, June 5, 2009

Having Family Over

On Monday night, my brother and sister in law, Garrett and Becka, and their family came over for dinner. They drove all the way up from Exeter. We had a great time with them. Ate some great food. Played some RockBand. They have 2 small kids and a baby. We weren't really prepared in the toy section. Blake did have a bunch of old stuffed animals that he kept "for the nieces and nephews", which he had never had a chance to use, until Monday night. Tomorrow at The Bridge Community Yardsale, we are going to look for some toys.

When they first got out of the car, my niece, Bethany, gave me this

which is proudly sitting on our ledge in our kitchen. It was a super sweet idea (thanks Becka and Bethany!)

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That was so Ryan and me when we were first married. We lived in an apartment and had no toys for all the neices and nephews. But for some reason they always wanted to come back and visit. I think they just liked the scenery change. Rock Band sounds fun :)