Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Missions Month 2009-Haiti

This Friday night is the kickoff of Missions Month at The Bridge. This year we are going to be raising funds to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pignon and San Raphael, Haiti.

As I have been preparing for this month, I can't help but think back to my time in Haiti last March. And I can't help but long to go back there. To fellowship with them. To try to establish positive cycles of income.

If missionaries go into a country and create dependency, then something has gone terribly wrong. That is one reason I am extremely excited about this years project. We desire to create ways for the Haitians to help themselves, only first by providing the main resources, and then having them take over. 2 sugar cane machines and 2 dug wells so that syrup may be produced, and either used or sold, and water to be able to grow crops to eat and sell. If they are able to sell their product, they can buy other items...and the money goes on and on.

And my heart longs for simplicity. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life here in the if it is a status of importance if you are busy. I long to be able to slow down. To be able to serve. To be able to invest in people.

And although I have seen how they live, I will never fully understand their way of life...even though I desire to know. To know what it is like to depend on the Lord for everything...what it is like to wonder where my next meal will come from...

And again I am reminded of how much I have, what I have been given, and how I should be giving away what I am able to.

And once again my heart is breaking for the injustice that takes place all over the world. But not only for those that are in the midst of the injustice, but for those in the US who are ignorant to what goes on in other countries. If only people knew...


Brittany said...

Ridge, didnt you used to make fun of my mission trips during our "stretching" in softball? :)

Stephanie said...

I think I made fun of the fact that you were going on missions trips and then talking and doing the things you were doing :)

I am on staff at The Bridge Evangelical Free Church (EV Free Fresno)...I am the Director of External Focus (aka-missions director) :)