Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oahu or Bust!

Blake and I are visiting his sister in law in Oahu...not a bad place to visit somebody. We got here last night (Friday the 12) and are here until late Sunday night the 21st (taking a red-eye back to the mainland, we get back to Fresno at 9 am on the 22nd).

Today, we got up way to early for a vacation....7 am! Our bodies felt like it was 10...the sun was shining through the window and there was no way I was going back to sleep. We made a quick trip to the store to buy food, so we wouldn't eat all of his brothers food. We had pineapple, which was delicious!

After breakfast, we put on our suits, and headed to North Shore. There is a place there called Turtle Beach. I love turtles. I was told that I would get to swim with sea turtles. And this provided us a way to both get our way...I got to swim with the turtles and Blake didn't have to spend any money. :)
On the way over, it was raining, but I had resolved that even if it were raining, I was still getting in the water...I have done it before (huh, Dad, remember, in Mexico?). Just as we were arriving, we saw blue skies!

We swam around for awhile, snorkling, for about 45 turtles. I was bummed. They were around when we got there, but no dice during that time. Then, we saw them...and they were huge! I screamed when I saw them because I was so excited. At one point there was one on each side of me. I touched them, on their shell and their legs. It was awesome!

Off to drink wine on the beach and watch the sunset!

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