Sunday, August 12, 2007

Phase 10

My friends and I have discovered a new is called Phase 10. I first played this game with my friend Meredith and her family years ago. This game has become somewhat of a weekly occurence. Since all of my friends are competitive, it becomes quite enjoyable when we begin skipping each other...and I become just as mad as the next person when I am skipped repeatedly. One of the best moments happened last Sunday night...I kept skipping Ashley, who had her phase and couldn't put it down b/c I kept skipping her, and who is one of the least competitive people I know, and she got pissed! I don't usually find joy and delight in people getting upset, but I couldn't help myself... :)


A Case of The Mundys said...

I freaking hate Phase 10.

BK said...

I like that game! And I like you :) Let's hang out soon! I got your message and will give you a call back very soon :)

brian said...

We need to up the anti a little bit next time... at least a $10 buy in. then we'll really see some sparks fly.