Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft Monday: Simple Vase Upgrade

Hubs and I headed to our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store a couple of weeks ago to look at the molding/doorframes for a future project.

While perusing the aisles, I found this for 50 cents (makes me think of the rapper every time I say that...).

I thought with a little spray paint love, this could be a cute vase. I went to Wally World to get some great but cheap spray paint. I put a coat of primer on it first

Then painted it read.

The dogs always seem to want to help me

And I accidently got some red paint on Hubs newly grown grass...

Then placed it on our new table from Ikea in our newly remodeled den.

I still have one more piece of artwork I want to create for our den, and then it is done! I can't wait to share that post with you!

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